January 3, 2013

Some comments of the day

The most underreported fact from the cliff

Of course they carefully don't identify "payroll tax" as being the lesser-known name of "social security tax", the "cut" having been the first step in killing the program.

This should bother me, but till they stop cutting payouts of SS while having working people and employers pay less money in, I just can't mind. They won't lift the cap. They're trying to get rid of this program and I was infuriated when they used the FICA tax as the source of relief. How about increasing wages, reducing CEO pay, tear up trade agreements... Now I'm just getting silly, I know. But a lot of older people just aren't making it on the low end of SS scale without help from families unless they managed to secure other assets along the way in their lives. I know you know what I mean; I know you know it's a dilemma. I just want them to leave this program alone.

Fiscal cliff

"Praising Congress for the fiscal cliff deal is like giving an arsonist an award for putting out his own fire" Or giving Henry Kissinger the Nobel Peace prize for ending the Vietnam War!

Homo sapiens sapiens is everyone on the planet. Scientifically there would have to be Homo sapiens neandertalensis on the planet alive today for there to be two races of human. So i am with Sam, ethnicity, or any other useful word more accurately describes human variability on the planet today than sub species nomenclature.

More recent chasing of a marker in the Y-chromosome has shown that both Europeans and Mongoloids are descended from a group, presumably herders, that migrated from Africa to central Asia. Europeans are not descendants of Mongoloids, nor are Mongoloids descendants of Europeans. The Caucasoids are not "hybrids", instead they are a common ancestor. Australians were first out of Africa which is why they are least related to Africans. Except for the last 150 miles they could walk it, because the sea level was much lower, Of course there's no purity anywhere. There's been far too much history for that. Researchers go to absurd lengths to avoid the conclusion that the European DNA in American Indians came across the Atlantic, maybe in ancient fishing or whaling boats, maybe kayaking and walking along the edge of an ice sheet. In historical times, Africans have drifted from the Congo to Brazil in two weeks in an open boat. I would venture to predict that a genetic marker in Brazil will be
The US is not a developed country. It is an undeveloping country, at an accelerating rate.

Rock stars die young
Rock 'n Roll is here to stay but not its exponents. This wave instability suggests that it may become a lost art in a few decades, like Guy Lombardo. At the same time, old folk and classical traditions find no shortage of replacement talent when radical innovation is removed. This process is noticed in jazz, which was essentially retired by Miles Davis in 1969 to live on only as fused to other emerging forms. As bebop died with its stars rather quickly, it could be that youthful innovation makes survivors obsolete at a young age. Those who refuse retraining like Louis Armstrong or George Jones deepen the replicable traditions.
Global crop production stagnating in some areas

Sterilization surgery is invasive and has many problematic and sometimes dangerous side effects. Vasectomies can harden the arteries and tubal ligation can create obesity in some people. It also means that if the first child dies, then parents could not have a second, which is pretty harsh punishment if they lost the first child through no fault of their own. Better success in lowering birthrates to .5 per person would be made by education, free and available birth control and abortions, and changing the tax code. Instead of giving a tax break for every child in a family, only give a tax break for the first born, or the results of the first live birth, like twins. After the first child tax break, that tax break goes away with the second child from a second live birth. After the second child an overpopulation tax kicks in and taxes increase with each child added to the family, the rates increasing with each additional child. So while the overpopulation tax on three kids might be.


Capt. America said...

Of course with a tax system rich people could have all the children they want. It is a "modest proposal" Swiftean in its evil, and it would be certain to bring about rapid change. "One woman one girl" is a far better policy that has been demonstrated to positively control population. The Chinese are not always wrong. America is not always right.

Anonymous said...

Capt. America

"One woman one girl"? Does that mean that a couple can have as many boys as they like but only one girl? So we can have a similar gender disparity as China does? Some parts of China have a gender ratio of 130 men per 100 women. China has 35 million missing women because boys are considered more important as offspring then girls, so many girls are aborted or abandoned as babies. If you put a limit on female births, but not male births then that is exactly what you are asking for in the US. With the technology available to discover gender before birth, how many abortions will be because the family already has a girl and wants more children so they ultimately have many boys and one girl? In China there is now a problem of men not being able to find wives, because of years of the one child policy. That is far more evil then structuring the tax code to encourage people to have fewer children overall, of course a few rich people will have extras, but how many do that depends on how the tax code is written. At least it doesn't favor one sex over the other.

The comment was a reply to another comment that did not appear in this comment section. Perhaps you should go back and read the original comment first. As a stand alone comment, this comment seems out of context.