January 7, 2013

Sea rise of three feet possible by 2100

ENN - Melting glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland may push up global sea levels more than 3 feet by the end of this century, according to a scientific poll of experts that brings a degree of clarity to a murky and controversial slice of climate science.

Such a rise in the seas would displace millions of people from low-lying countries such as Bangladesh, swamp atolls in the Pacific Ocean, cause dikes in Holland to fail, and cost coastal mega-cities from New York to Tokyo billions of dollars for construction of sea walls and other infrastructure to combat the tides.
Estimating how much sea levels will rise from ice sheet melting is one of the more challenging aspects of climate science. Some evidence suggests recent accelerated melting is related to changes in ocean and atmospheric temperature, though natural variability may play an important role.

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Anonymous said...

It won't matter. If Lovelock's prediction is correct - and there's no reason to think it's not - there will only be perhaps 2G humans left alive, and they will have such massive problems of famine, disease, and war that even a 30-ft rise would pass unnoticed.

If we want to avoid it, we'd better pull our collective fingers out and get organising.