January 22, 2013

Retired Philly police Captain (And Occupy Wall Street Protester) Won’t Take Off His Uniform

Philadelphia Weekly - Both Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and the Philly F.O.P. have demanded that retired PPD captain Ray Lewis—who has been among the protesters at Occupy Wall Street in New York City since mid-November—stop wearing his old police uniform at Occupy demonstrations.

But the 60-year-old Lewis, born and raised in the Holmesburg section of Northeast Philly, insists he won’t be bullied, even if his retirement benefits could be at risk. When PW recently caught up with him at Zuccotti Park, Lewis said that wearing his uniform was a crucial public statement he wasn’t about to abandon.

Lewis arrived in New York City on the evening of Monday, Nov. 14—just hours before the NYPD forcibly evicted Zuccotti Park campers in the early morning hours of Nov. 15. Lewis wasn’t at the site when the raid occurred, but came the next morning to find the park empty.

“I was shocked,” said Lewis. “I was shocked that there was not more negotiation. “You never lose with more negotiation. This was all Mayor Bloomberg. This had nothing to do with [NYPD] Commissioner Ray Kelly, this had nothing to do with the white shirts. Mayor Bloomberg is the 14th richest person in this country. A man like that should not even have power. It was his decision. Bloomberg had all the time in the world to plan out the [eviction]. To come up with that operation was a disgrace.”



Anonymous said...

People need to send Capt. Lewis letters/emails of support.

Talk about a cop who's on the side of the people, jeez!

Anonymous said...

I just realised that this article is over a year old! What's the idea, Sam? You could at least have flagged it.