January 26, 2013

Pennsylvania charters bomb compared to public schools

Common Dreams - The nationwide push for privatization of education through corporate-backed charter schools received a rebuke after newly calculated data in Pennsylvania showed that such schools are markedly out-performed by their public counterparts.

Both brick-and-mortar charters and online institutions called "cyber charters" came up short in comparisons with traditional public schools.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer reports:
    The percentage of Pennsylvania charter schools that met academic benchmarks plummeted after the state Department of Education was forced to recalculate the performance rates.

    Under a new and controversial method the department used last fall, 49 percent of 156 charter schools met benchmarks based on student tests scores in 2011-12.

    The rate dropped to 28 percent after the department released a recalculation this week. In Philadelphia, the percentage of the 80 charter schools that met the standards declined from 54 percent to 29 percent.

    None of the 12 cyber charter schools that provide online in-home instruction to students statewide met the benchmarks. Previously, one met the standard.

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Anonymous said...

The CD article is typical of the unprofessional and biased reporting they usually do. They claim that the charters "came up short" in comparison with traditional public schools, but they don't give any of the comparable figures for the public schools so there's really no way to judge. They're not really interested in reporting the facts. They've already decided that charter schools don't work, so why bother giving the facts so that people can decide for themselves.