January 21, 2013

NYC changes its mind about Bloomberg running schools

Daily Kos - Voters are not too happy with [Mayor] Bloomberg's role in the schools. The city has mayoral control of education, so he appoints the school board. That means that Bloomberg owns education as an issue....A new poll from Quinnipiac finds that a strong majority of voters wants to move away from mayoral control: 63 percent want the the mayor to share control of the schools and 13 percent say the mayor shouldn't have any control, while just 18 percent say the mayor should keep control. That's in sharp contrast to 2009, when 55 percent of voters wanted mayoral control to continue.

It's not just that voters don't want the mayor in sole control of the schools, either. The recent Quinnipiac poll also finds that:

By a 53 - 35 percent margin, voter trust the teachers' union more than Bloomberg to protect the interests of public school students. That's both a judgment on Bloomberg's recent actions against teachers and the context in which the current fights are playing out. And a big fight came to a head this week, centering on teacher evaluations.

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