January 9, 2013

Morning Line: Even austerity's name is a fraud

Sam Smith - While we're waiting for politicians and the old media to discover the masochism of something they call "austerity," we can at least stop using the term, which is meant to suggest frugality or prudent thrift when, in fact, it is the reckless slashing of needed public services, while letting those at the top of the heap make even more money. It is not austerity but the strangulation of recovery.

If we could remember, which our leaders would prefer we didn't, that a good economy is reflected in jobs and  not in the extent of budget cuts, we would pay some attention to the fact that over a million of the jobs lost in this economic collapse have been in government ones.

Since we can't recover without decent employment, what is called austerity actually has the reverse effect. The advocates of austerity are the grinches who have stolen our recovery.

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