January 8, 2013

Morning Line: Chuck Hagel's first assignment

Sam Smith - It's only a hunch, but it looks like Chuck Hagel's first assignment may be to run interference for John Brennan. The Hagels of the world come and go, but really good hit men are hard to come by. If Hagel gets blown out of the water by the right, he will have still served the noble assignment of keeping liberals from noticing what a rotten guy Obama has named for the CIA.

Here's another hunch: the reason Obama would like someone like Hagel in the Pentagon is that even the killers at the top have noticed that wars don't work well. We haven't had a really nifty invasion since Grenada and, increasingly, wars just piss off the people you need in the next election. This helps to explain the shift to drone massacres and renditions. Part of this shift, however, is to make the Pentagon less important. . .even to the killers at the top. Hagel and Brennan fit the shift exceptionally well.

Washington's Blog has noticed the same development

The guy who tried to drive solo in a car pool lane on the grounds that he had corporate papers (and hence personhood) on the passenger's seat was using a variation of the argument I proposed years ago  when the right began arguing that life began at conception. If true, then all pregnant women should be allowed solo in car pools as well.


Strelnikov said...

Disband the CIA.

It's the only way out.

Anonymous said...

The police state and the standing army would be protected from the immanent economic demolition. The government and the free speech by which it is constituted, are the property of the Money Power with its wrecking ball, as previously the Buchanan administration was under the lash of the Slave Power. Under the current Compromise the parties and the media stifle free speech. Gerrymandering should mean that some radicalized members who are in safe seats would survive primary challenges from party hacks. The moral and constitutional argument for election finance reform, the first order of business in removing the neofeudal lords, would be directed at the Court. [Hoc fonte derivita clades in patriam populunque fluxit-"From this spring flowed the disaster which poured upon our country and our people." Horace, Book III, Ode 6.] Under the Constitution, Congress, not the Court, adjudicates the manner of its elections, including campaign financing. The abolitionist demand for publically funded elections and restoration of media regulation, would be won on an up or down vote, once the filibuster rule is ended. Existing checks and balances against a usurping politicized Court, under the exceptions clause and the 11th Amendment, would make voters the master of the Court's lap dog Congress.