January 17, 2013

Just the facts: Misdemeanors and gun violence

Derek Lazzaro, Truth Dig - A good starting place for further discussion [on gun control] is a 1998 study published in the esteemed Journal of the American Medical Association titled “Prior Misdemeanor Convictions as a Risk Factor for Later Violent and Firearm-Related Criminal Activity Among Authorized Purchasers of Handguns.” The basic finding was that “[h]andgun purchasers with at least 1 prior misdemeanor conviction were more than 7 times as likely as those with no prior criminal history to be charged with a new offense after [a] handgun purchase.”
Even more alarming, just one pre-purchase misdemeanor conviction increased by a factor of five the risk of a post-purchase criminal charge “involving firearms or violence.”

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Dan Lynch said...

So to heck with presumption of innocence, if you committed a misdemeanor, you'll be treated like a 2nd rate citizen ?

Look, we KNOW the causes of homicide -- inequality, unemployment, race, and culture. Why don't we do something about those things instead of punishing people ?