January 16, 2013

If bin Laden is dead why aren't we safer?

If Osama bin Laden was truly the man responsible for America's troubles, why did this story appear a year and half after his death?

The Hill, October 2012 - Al Qaeda's Iraq cell has doubled the number of fighters within its ranks and the number of increasingly violent attacks against military and police targets in the year since U.S. forces left the country, according to the Pentagon.

The terror cell's roughly 2,400-man force dwarfs the 1,000 extremist fighters that had populated al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) in 2011, according to DOD data complied by The Associated Press.

That larger force has struck back against the coalition government led by Iraqi Prime Minister Minister Nouri al Maliki with a vengeance in the months after the American withdrawal from the country.

Insurgent attacks across Iraq have taken place roughly 140 times per month, according to the AP — that's compared to 75 times at this point last year.

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