January 9, 2013

Georgia gun sales soar

Another example of how liberals are mangling the gun issue. Change comes from convincing people, not further alienating them. 

 Katie Leslie, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Gun sales and permit requests have surged across metro Atlanta since the Connecticut school massacre last month, a trend many say will continue as Congress considers tougher gun control measures.

In December, Gwinnett’s weapons carry applications doubled from the previous December, rising to 1,082. Cobb County saw an 89 percent hike to 1,212 last month.

Fulton and DeKalb saw increases of 39 and 40 percent, respectively, with Fulton receiving 732 applications and DeKalb 398.

Behind the boom, several gun shop owners and experts said, is a mix of fears — of being touched by violence and of tighter gun restrictions. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.) has vowed to file a bill that would ban so-called assault weapons and ammunition magazines, strips and drums that can accept more than 10 rounds.

“Anytime there are tragedies in the news and talk of gun control, that always boosts sales,” said Keith Thompson, manager of Range & Guns in Forest Park. “Business seems to be driven a lot by crime and politics.”

Several gun shop owners from across the region said they saw a mild spike in sales after President Barack Obama’s re-election. But they said that was minor compared to the surge in demand for guns, especially AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, post-Newtown.

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Capt. America said...

Handguns are much more of a problem than AR's

What will happen when drones begin to fall into private hands? It can't be that difficult to throw one together with a model airplane kit and wireless camera equipment.

All owners and users of weapons must be required to be members of the National Guard, and therefore subject to military justice.