January 26, 2013

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Charter schools

You wrote an article in 2009 about charter schools. Your position was that charter schools are not public institutions and that discrimination does exist.

I live in Florida. Down the street is a charter school called Imagine. It is K-8. Two years ago I attempted to get my daughter in there. You have to go in person and fill out the application. They then give you a tour. I am convinced that what they are doing is screening you. This lady looks over my application and sees that my daughter was born in the Dominican Republic. She actually said, "that is interesting". My daughters paperwork was misplaced and she missed her opportunity to go to school there. That was their excuse for having never contacted me. I let it go. It seemed, at the time, like a huge wall to get over. Anyway, If one were to take a photo of all the students at this charter school...one would see that 98% are white. However, the public school about 2 miles away has about 50% white. Now to attend this charter school there are no buses. How convenient. So no black or hispanic children can be bused in. Yet, the public schools in the system bus in black and hispanic children.

Now I am in a situation where I want to try and get my second daughter into this school. Want to know why? First off...I despise anything that stinks of discrimination. I frown on a large group of fair skin blonde hair kids with perhaps a token black or hispanic thrown in. But the truth is, that these kids are better behaved. They do a better job of sitting and listening and not interrupting. I have been to my second daughters public school Kindergarten class. It is constantly being disrupted by a small group of kids. It isn't their color. It is income level. I am almost sure of that. I want my daughter in a class where that she can sit quiet, learn, and not be interrupted. So I will try to get her in this charter school and cross my fingers. I honestly don't know how to handle this. I suspect she may be discriminated against because she was also born in the Dominican Republic.

Anyway, this is obviously discrimination. I am surprised that African American leaders in the community are not concerned about this. Surely they know about this.

How the editor voted

Did Sam Smith warn people away from voting for Jill Stein and encourage them to vote Obama just so he could indulge for the next four years in posting article after article after article after article exposing the stark raving evil that is Barackackack Obama? Inquiring minds want to know.

Sam Smith was trapped; he could not vote for Rmoney, Stein was doomed, so he swallowed his loathing and pulled the lever for BHO. Just because you vote for somebody doesn't mean you can't rip that person to shreds on the Internets. Strelnikov

Sam Smith voluntarily aided and abetted the marginalization of Jill Stein and single payer when he was perfectly free to stand up loudly and proudly against the puppet in the white house who licks the boots of tyrants and spits the polish in your face.

Helping non violence
In Providence the Institute for the Study and Practice of Non Violence street worker program does this, and it seems to work here too - Greg Gerrit

The secret battle against our money creating power

The wealth of the nation is in the health and educated skills of the people, and in the unused national resources. Were the Constitution to require that no more money could circulate than the value of that natural wealth, there'd be no reason not to put money creation back in to the hands of Congress.

Department of Good Stuff: Things to do now

Capt. Tydeman's Ranked Pairs variation on Condorcet's system is significantly better. The benefit of instant runoff is largely financial.

Poor kids in Brazil learn philosophy while US kids prepare for tests

There's less to that than meets the eye. Unless they've changed greatly since you and I were in school, history and civics classes were a lot of rote memorization coupled with totally pointless questions. Now, were they teaching how the ruling classes maintain their hegemony, and the history of revolution, those would be courses worth taking. But "when did the Spanish Armada set sail?" and "How many senators are there in total?"

Morning Line: O, say can you see? (Or just hear?)

When was the last time a politician made a great speech? I can remember Paul Wellstone at a 1988 DFL convention. And again Wellstone in the Senate. You'd have to go back to JFK just to find an effective inaugural address. Nobody thinks a speech can impact history anymore, as did "the Cross of Gold." Speeches aren't delivered for later written publication. But then nobody delivers speeches that could change history. This decline is correlated to the alteration of political free speech after Buckley v. Valeo. The ontological shift is notable, as money now does the talking. on

Obama illegally hiding drone information from oversight senator

As far as I know, the Church committee's revelations didn't result in any of the malefactors suffering any punishment for their crimes. That's probably significant for the continued government lawlessness.

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Anonymous said...

Follow up to may situation here in Florida. Let me be clear. If I had it my way, I would leave my daughter in the school she is in. One would assume that under a fair and honorable system that they would attempt to equalize amongst all schools the children coming from various income levels so that you don't group all the lower income children into one or two public schools. The mechanism that they use is called the "reduced and free lunch" parameter. I looked it up. My daughters school this year is a whopping 50% of students are on reduced or free lunches. The charter school is a mere 4%. Now anyone should be able to look at that and see that something is wrong. I have already pointed out the large difference in skin color. A neat little trick that is used is to say, ok...your child can attend the charter school BUT you have to be responsible for seeing to transportation for your child. You see they know that will exclude many of the latino and black students who live across town. Hey, this is a Public school. Shouldn't they be required to provide buses just like other public schools? Folks, this is just plain wrong. We should be brave enough to work together to fix the public school system we have. Instead we transgress to trickery so that we can bring forth modern day segregation. I'm a white man. I believe in equality and fairness for all.