January 17, 2013

From reader comments

Democrats and the working class
FDR responded to radical movements and leadership. LBJ the same. There was no urgency for radicalism until Bush, Jr., but now as the Titanic is sinking, the Dems are being challenged to get real. It's not about a clash of partisan cultures, it about ending the partisan elite by cutting off their money supply. They can be made obsolete by public campaign financing and the revolution involved in getting that to happen. As with FDR and LBJ we're in an end game, where if change doesn't happen, it's Pottersville. Morning Line: How the Democrats have deserted the working class

Health plan public optionj

"It came into favor with Democrats when it became clear that a government-run plan, known as the public option, could not gain enough political support."

The public option would win with voters. Lack of political support is an excuse. The Dems never seriously explored it. Unless "political support" means their corporate sponsors, but that's not for public discussion. Things they forgot to tell you about Obamacare

Working poor increasing
1. Thirty hour work week, with triple time for overtime. 2. Living minimum wage for 30 hour week. 3. Across-the-board protective tariffs 4. Full stop to immigration. These are stopgap measures, because a robot can and will do your job faster, better, 24/7, and no back talk. The days of labor unions are over, because jobless people can't strike. on Ranks of working poor increasing

Partner homes
I have been diagnosed with MS.  I receive Social Security Disability Payments.  As nice as adult family homes in Washington state can be, and I have lived in some nice ones, I think it would be nicer to own my own home or to own some space within one. I would like people who receive SSDI, like me, to work together with two or three partners and with a percentage of each monthly SSDI payments to buy a house or some part of one, the nursing and revisions required, and the cook and food produced therein.

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