January 8, 2013

Disney finds new way to spy on visitors

Alternet - The Mark of the Beast is coming… to Walt Disney World. According to  The New York Times, Disney plans to roll out a new system — “MyMagic+” — that will enable the company to more effectively gather data on customer activities. All in pursuit of the the goal, of course, of improving the amusement park experience for Disney customers.

A crucial part of the system: “MagicBands” — bracelets equipped with Radio Frequency Identificationchips that “will function as room key, park ticket, FastPass and credit card.”
Did you buy a balloon? What attractions did you ride and when? Did you shake Goofy’s hand, but snub Snow White? If you fully use MyMagic+, databases will be watching, allowing Disney to refine its offerings and customize its marketing messages.

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