December 8, 2012

What Arne Duncan left behind

Chicago Teachers Union - While the policy of neighborhood school closings and charter openings has not moved education in Chicago forward in any significant way, the benefits to charter school operators, private testing companies, real estate interests, and wealthy bankers are growing. Far from being a system of reform that improves education, the policy of closing schools in one area of the city and opening schools in another has been the failed status quo in Chicago for nearly 20 years, and key outcomes are:

    Increased racial segregation in schools
    Depletion of stable schools in Black neighborhoods
    Disrespect and poor treatment of teachers
    Expansion of unnecessary testing
    Decreased opportunities for deep, conceptual learning
    Increased punitive student discipline
    Increased student mobility
    Minimal educational outcomes

“When it comes to matters of race and education in Chicago, the attack on public schools is endemic,” said CTU President Karen GJ Lewis.  “Chicago is the most segregated city in the country, and our students of color are routinely deemed as second-class by a system that does nothing but present one failed policy after the next.”

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