December 22, 2012

Study: Alcohol worse on young brains than pot

Alternet - Some new science demonstrates that marijuana may not have the harmful effects critics claim. In fact, while pot had no measured impact in a new study, the very legal and very lucratively-marketed substance alcohol actually has a worse health impact on young users.

Specifically, a new study of substance-using teenagers' brains shows that the regular use of alcohol had a harmful effect on the boozing group, while the toking-up group's brains suffered little alteration.


EHS Director said...

This is like arguing shotguns make bigger holes than handguns... They both kill and destroy our youth.

Other than guilt for mistakes that we have done, what could possibly be the justification or reason for supporting harmful drugs?

Sorry, these kinds of viewpoints leave me at a loss.

I want youth to have the best health and opportunities possible.

m said...

These sorts of conversations need to happen, but it helps to stick to facts, not pander to the illusions of a war a few politicians on ourselves.

I think the study itself makes clear that that they're not giving marijuana a clean bill of health. Yet it's also obvious that pot doesn't appear to cause the same kind of physically obvious changes that damage the brain as alcohol causes. That doesn't mean we should prohibit alcohol, but it indicates that longstanding policy towards marijuana prohibition may be exactly what generations of Americans already know it is -- rank hypocrisy based on dubious cultural preferences.

For a gut check on how wide this hypocrisy gap is, it needs to be noted that marijuana never killed anyone by overdose. One can argue about other causation, that's not the point. No one dies of a marijuana overdose, but kids die in emergency rooms -- and elsewhere -- everyday from excessive alcohol ingestion.

No one is supporting a harmful drug here, other than by trying to make marijuana out to be as equally dangerous, if not more dangerous than alcohol. Kids hearing that and knowing the truth about marijuana might make the mistake of taking your framing and assume that warnings about alcohol are equally bogus. They're not.

Our youth will not "have the best health and opportunities possible" is they get busted for pot and thrown into jail. If that happens to them, it's not because of marijuana, but because of asinine, utterly failed policies that some people in our country are foolish enough to support.

EHS Director said...

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts "m" and respect your viewpoint on the known causes of death and illness associated with alcohol abuse. And we both agree about the failure of gov regs....but I am still at a loss for anyone promoting "dope" as a safe or non harming drug... Sure the Internet helps us self justify any ideal with millions of pages of counter arguments and data to support basically anything we want.

At a minimum, like tobacco smokers, cannabis smokers experience serious health problems such as bronchitis, emphysema, and bronchial asthma... Killing millions worldwide.

And a large percent of "dope" users try more dangerous drugs and already consume alcohol.
So what are we saying here?

I spend my life helping other understand how the accumulation of harmful chemicals affect their health over their lifetime so they and their children can have the best shot at a healthy, long life.

And I think you and I would agree that there may be a safe and toxic dose for everything... What is that dose for a child, infant, developing teen or person with unknown immune disorders?

Do most care? Nope.

I do.
I care about you, them and every gram that goes unknowingly into their bodies and harms our planet.

Again, thank you for sharing and caring.