December 29, 2012

Some recent comments

32 states include starvation as a penalty for drug use  

The Nazis called that attitude "life unworthy of life." It led to mass murder of about a hundred thousand German citizens inside psychiatric institutes. This is where the operatives of the "Final Solution" got their practical training. I'm much more concerned about people who smuggle billions of dollars of drugs than those who deal with thousands of dollars worth. Why is the US in Afghanistan? Freedom and democracy? - Mark Robinowitz

One day we will realize how connected we are. When that happens, we will grasp the practicality of being our brother's keeper. In the meantime, we will continue to be ignorant and stupidly selfish, to our own ultimate disadvantage. Karma at work.

It seems many foreigners to our Judeo-Christian culture have a hard time understanding the concept of forgiveness. Fortunately for them, we forgive them for it and ignore their selfish, pagan attitude by accepting that people make mistakes and that they repent of them, as the woman in this article has. Why should she be treated more harshly than someone who has done actual harm to another?

Climate change has affected forests globally

I grew up in Minnesota, and later worked in Texas for a few years. The contrast between the trees in those places was mind-numbing. In Minnesota, with lots of water and real winters that froze the pests, trees were strong, healthy, and long-lived. In Texas, there's not a lot of water, the pests can operate year-around, and the trees are weak and short-lived. I can only imagine how terrible it will be if we don't get our act together Real Soon.

The quiet storm: blowin' in the wind of cultural decay

The notion of moral decay causing the downfall of the nation is right enough, but 100 pct of the moral decay is among the rotten rich, so the net benefit of preaching to any other audience is as futile as trying to reform the rotten rich. - Capt. America

Sam, I call Bull Shit, time for you to join Nat Hentoff at the Cato Institute. Progressives?---more like Libertarian flacks.

The example of musical chord structure seems somewhat contrived. To begin with, for the most part, music prior to the age of Bach was not composed based on consideration of vertical structure (chords), but rather on the horizontal development of the melodic line (counterpoint). Bach's music more or less defines the point where the elaborate rules defining contrapuntal structure morphed and melded sufficiently to give rise to our modern notions of harmony. One might suggest that, hence, the sophistication of melody became secondary to harmonic density--- a shift in esthetic priorities. Do we really want to argue one approach was superior to the other? Music, however, isn't solely harmony and line. Arguably the most basic, and essential, elements of music concern rhythm and rhythmic complexity. Judged by criteria primarily focused upon musical manipulation of time, our 'Western Classic' music and its derivatives seem almost primitive when compared to other musics.

If Hagel doesn't make it, here's Washington's second choice
Going by Obama's record, Hagel will soon "withdraw his name from consideration". Barry will toss Chuck under the bus like Susan Rice, medicare, the Unions, and anybody else who he stepped on to get to the top. "fool me, fool me, can't get fooled again!" on

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