December 20, 2012

Some comments of the day


I have a friend who is a psychologist, she works with both adults and young people. She tells me that the insurance companies demand that she get all her patients on anti-depressants and similar psychotropic medications within 6 visits. The insurance companies will only pay for 6 visits of therapy. The paperwork and hassles involved in getting a person more therapy are frequently insurmountable. It's unconscionable that meds become the first resort for troubled young people, after so many of these mass killers are either on these meds or in withdrawal from these meds. Too little help for the young with mental health problems


eric le guillou said...

Well, 6 weeks is the time requiered at the end of treatment for the first period of detox, than comes another step with lower dosing ... Insurance just kills depreciv pationts ! Further : therapy IS NOT medication ! therapy is WORD an cannot last only 6 weeks !

eric le guillou said...

6 weeks is time required for first step of detox after anti depreciant treatments!After that comes another step ! Insurance kills patients !
Therapy IS NOT medication and cannot last 6 weeks !