December 19, 2012

Some comments of the day

How to sue gun manufacturers

So we should sue fertilizer manufacturers for the Oklahoma City Bombing ? on How to sue gun manufacturers  - Dan Lynch

Semi automatics

The Clinton ban never actually banned semi-autos. It mainly banned new production of high capacity magazines. Pre-ban magazines were grandfathered. The pre-ban magazines were still widely available on the market right up until the day the ban expired, so the ban never had any practical effect of availability. Furthermore, the national murder rate has been declining steadily for many years, and continued to decline when the Clinton ban expired. Some people say the declining murder rate is due to passage of concealed carry laws. on Assault weapons: just a few facts

More guns

Why not restrict gun ownership to active and reserve members of the militia, the national guard? Cops, and all others would have to sign up, get training, pass mental tests, etc., according to a system of military regulations rather than laws. Let's see the Supreme Court do an end run around that one. on Some comments of the day  - Capt. America

Very misleading video about what constitutes an assault rifle. Just because they may look similar doesn't mean that they are. Totally absent seems to be an honest examination of the differences as they apply to the actual ballistics. Therein rests the crux of the issue. What happens upon impact... The .223 ammunition used at Sandy Hook was designed to impart 100% of its energy upon impact. Often this means the round nearly disintegrates as it creates a massive exploding wound---think of the images from the Zapruder film as half of Kennedy's skull disappears. Even without the extreme physical damage, the .223 round can be as lethal through the generated forces associated with hydro-static shock. The bullet enters the body with such extreme velocity, energy dissipated through bodily fluids builds up extreme internal pressure, causing destruction of tissue and cells. Hydro-static pressures delivered to the brain from a body wound can be sufficient to cause death. on Alternative news update

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