December 16, 2012

Only six percent of murders use rifles or shotguns

Economic Policy Journal - Despite news media impressions to the contrary, there are not many murders in the United States that are committed with rifles or shotguns. Combined, it is under 1,000 per year---more people are murdered with knives. FBI data shows that most murders are done with handguns. Random killings are very rare, most are between people who know each or rival gang members.


Anonymous said...

But oh, we must ban assault weapons (see subjective definition elsewhere)! These weapons of war are killing our children! You disgusting savage, how can you not want to ban these tools of murder, their only purpose! Please also ignore that CT already has an assault weapons ban! There is no time, BAN BAN BAN! Congress to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

In a single year, about 18,600 are 'accidentally' shot and survive. Many of the shootings are hunting related. About 500 are killed annually under such circumstances.
In one year, 31,593 died from gun violence.
Since 1979 when gun death data were first collected by age, a shocking 119,079 children and teens have been killed by gun violence. That is more child and youth deaths in America than American battle deaths in World War I (53,402) or in Vietnam (47,434) or in the Korean War (33,739) or in the Iraq War (3,517).
When is enough, enough?

Anonymous said...

If you're that concerned about deaths in the U.S. then you need to ban automobiles. Since you like the year 1979 we'll start there; since 1979 through 2011 there have been 1,402,670 automobile deaths in the U.S. and that doesn't even include 2012 stats. Maybe you should concentrate on banning those deadly autos from the roads. Oh, yeah, I forgot, your really not interested in saving just want to ban guns. You and the other "anti-gun" fanatics are so hypocritical it's not even funny!