December 10, 2012

New co-op model for Main Street jobs

AFL-CIO - The United Steelworkers, the Spanish worker cooperative Mondragon—the world’s largest worker cooperative—and the Ohio Employee Ownership Center have unveiled what they describe as a “template that combines worker equity with a progressive collective bargaining process.”

USW President Leo Gerard says that “to survive the boom and bust, bubble-driven economic cycles fueled by Wall Street, we must look for new ways to create and sustain good jobs on Main Street.”

A key part of the co-op’s mission is to support and invest in communities, by creating jobs, funding development projects, supporting education and providing opportunity.

“Sustainable Jobs, Sustainable Communities: The Union Co-Op Model” is a “public domain” template available to any organization at It offers a primer for competitive and equitable employment creation based on 55 years of Mondragon principles put into marketplace practice. 

In 2011, Mondragon reached annual sales of more than $24 billion with its own cooperative university, cooperative bank and cooperative social security mutual and is ranked as the top Basque business group, the seventh largest in Spain and the world’s largest industrial workers' cooperative.

Gerard says the goal is creating an economy that can work for everyone who works, and that:

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Anonymous said...

And it all came from a one-eyed socialist priest who barely escaped being shot by Franco, and 5 young out-of-work engineers.

He encouraged them to set up shop in a shed making paraffin (kerosene in the US) stoves, and guided them for the rest of his life.

Fr. José Maria Arizmendiarrieta Madariaga - if there's a heaven, he's in it.