December 6, 2012

Morning Line: Privatizing values

Sam Smith - The war of the One Percenters - backed by thoroughly enmbedded politicians in both parties and and the major media - is not limited to attacking eighty years of political progress or our Constitution. More subtle, but just as effective, is its assault against basic values that have built and maintained a better land.

A good case is the massive defamation of teachers, once among the most valued group of people in America. Without any serious discussion, teachers have been tossed into the cultural dump by Democrats and Republicans, think tankers and media. We are now being told that preparing for a test is better than learning from a teacher and, because of the power of the mass media, the public increasingly just shrugs and goes along.

One of the ways to take on the One Percenters and their backers is to at least hold on to our values. And restoring teachers to a place of greater respect in society than some pol on the corporate dole or programmed pressie is a good place to start.

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Anonymous said...

Our Miss Brooks defined school as where you make a place to express yourself. It was all chatter on the radio from Don McNeil's breakfast club to Jack Paar on TV, with Art Linkletter, Arthur Godfrey, Buffalo Bob. It was a loose world dominated by the realism of bridge clubs, and the diversity of personalities, like Harry von Zell and Gracie Allen, that FDR protected from invasion. At the center of town was the schoolhouse.