December 18, 2012

Meanwhile, at your local movie theater

► A woman with her hands bound is led to a large rock where she stands and a man places a shot glass on her head (we see that she has blood on her mouth, presumably from being beaten); a man with a gun aims at her, shoots and strikes the rock behind her, and another man shoots and kills her (she slumps forward and we see no blood).

► Two men fight: they fall over a railing and into a pit where there are komodo dragons, one man aims a gun at the other man, his leg is bitten by a dragon and he is dragged out of sight (we hear him screaming and he is presumably killed); the other man jumps on the back of another dragon and grabs onto the railing where another man points a gun at him until a woman steps on the gunman's hand. Two men fight: one man jumps and kicks the other man and one man grabs the other by the neck to break it.

► A man jumps on the top of a moving train and another man speeds his motorcycle off an overpass and lands on top of the same train: the two men shoot at each other, they fight, they duck when they enter a tunnel, one man throws an explosive that blows a hole in the train car, one man operates a backhoe on the train knocking several cars off the train and causing a woman in a car nearby to swerve to avoid running into them, and the operator is shot in the shoulder (we see a bit of blood); the two men continue to fight (one man uses a chain to hit the other man) and one is held with a cord around his neck (he frees himself), and a woman aims a rifle and shoots one of the men and he falls off the train and into rushing water below.

► A man draws a gun and walks toward an open door, he moves through the door and finds two dead bodies (we see a pool of blood under one body), and then a badly wounded man with a lot of blood on his chest and mouth. A man with his gun drawn finds a dead man on the floor while searching a building for another man (blood is pooled under him). We see two dead men on the floor and we hear sirens blaring.

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