December 17, 2012

Meanwhile, at your local movie theater

► An Orc and a Dwarf fight: the Dwarf is struck by a huge wolf-like creature's paw (we see the Dwarf with blood on his head), he is struck with a huge hammer and thrown, and he is bitten and picked up in the mouth of the wolf then thrown; the Orc tells another Orc to "Bring me his head and the Orc places a sword to the Dwarf's throat (we see blood on his face) but the Orc is tackled and stabbed in the stomach, several other Orcs and wolf-like creatures approach and they fight with other Dwarves; several Dwarves fall off a cliff and are caught by huge birds, others are snatched up off the ground and they are all flown away from the fight and to safety while other birds attack the remaining Orcs.

► An Orc attacks a Dwarf and another Orc says, "Cut off his head"; many Orcs fight with several Dwarves and we see Orcs being slashed with swords or beheaded, two Orcs are stabbed in the abdomens (no blood is shown), one Orc is beheaded and we see the head slide off the body (no blood is shown), many Orcs are thrown off a high walkway by Dwarves fighting them and many more Orcs are beheaded, a huge boulder rolls over and crushes several Orcs, and a wizard pokes a large Orc in the eye, then slashes him across the abdomen and stabs him (we see a cut open and no blood is shown) and we see him fall over motionless.

► A Dwarf hits a Troll in the leg with a sword while others attack two other Trolls stabbing one in the stomach (no blood is shown), one is struck in the eye (he yells and holds his eye) and one is struck in the crotch (he bends over yelling in pain); two of the Trolls hold a Hobbit between them and threaten to pull his arms off and a remark is made about the Trolls sitting on someone and turning him into jelly. Several Dwarves are tied together and placed over a flame to cook for Trolls to eat (they are freed before they are harmed); a Hobbit tells them to "skin them first." A Troll picks up a Dwarf and holds him over his mouth, nearly eating him.

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