December 16, 2012

Local heroes: Danny Boyle

Independent, UK - When Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony was beamed around the world showing Britain in all its idiosyncratic glory there were some who felt his creation was subversive to the point of being anti-establishment.

Now, in a decision that will inevitably solidify the Lancashire director’s reputation to surprise, Boyle has turned down a knighthood for his role in this summer’s games.

According to reports this weekend, the man who gave us Satanic Mills, giant NHS beds and a parachuting monarch, has politely declined being elevated to Sir Danny because he wants to remain “a man of the people.”

The Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire director was nominated for a knighthood by the government’s arts and media honours committee but when officials approached him to find out whether he would be interested in accepting such an accolade he turned it down.

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