December 1, 2012

Israel launches segregated buses

Ma'an News - Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem condemned the Israeli transport ministry's plans for segregated bus lines for Palestinians and Israelis.

Israeli police have begun removing Palestinian passengers from buses at the request of Jewish settlers, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported .

An army reservist told Haaretz that Israeli police stationed near Salfit had ordered Palestinians off buses multiple times, leaving them to walk several miles and then catch taxis home.

"The attempt at bus segregation is appalling, and the current arguments about 'security needs' and 'overcrowding' must not be allowed to camouflage the blatant racism of the demand to remove Palestinians from buses," B'Tselem executive director Jessica Montell said in a statement.

Settlement mayor Ron Nachman is working with the Israeli army, police and transport ministry to stop Palestinians boarding buses that go to Ariel, he wrote on his Facebook page.


Capt. America said...

How many Palestinian buses have been assault rifled or blown up by Israeli suicide bombers? Sure it's racist. They're all Semites, and that isn't even a race.

Anonymous said...

When will the Palestinians be ordered to wear green quarter-moon patches, I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Capt - about the same number of Israeli homes that have been bulldozed by the Palestinian government, or Israeli children shot by the Palestinian police for throwing rocks at tanks.

Anonymous said...

Plessy v. Ferguson was premised on 14th amendment equality. Separate was equal if passengers were on the same train or bus. This was less persuasive with entirely separate schools. An examination of Israeli law might not show the same civil rights protections as were accorded Montgomery bus passengers under Jim Crow laws.

Anonymous said...

Before you liberal pc hypocrites start whining about respect for women, read the truth about yourselves and your tax dollars.