December 15, 2012

How to be safely violent in America

Sam Smith, July 2012 - Shooting up a movie theater is clearly not a good way, but America offers lots of other opportunities for violence. And you won't even get arrested. For example you could:

- Check with Barack Obama on how to use drones to kill innocent civilians.

- Check with the Republican Party on how to cut programs that help to keep people alive like food stamps or health policies.

- Become a military expert. That would greatly increase your chances of being interviewed on the evening news. If you are a peace expert, however, you won't stand a chance.

- Become a football coach so you can teach young men how to permanently injure the brains and other parts of other young men. If you become the coach at some colleges you can even take sexy showers with young males.

- Become a New York City policeman

- Go to work for a Washington think tank where you can successfully advocate unnecessary but deadly wars.

- Become a TV commentator or op ed columnist where you can profoundly condemn violence in a movie theater while profoundly supporting it elsewhere.

- Remember, like so much in America, violence is a class privilege,  so join the right class.


veganpeace said...

there was a time when humans were fairly peaceful cooperative foragers. will that time return?

Tony Vodvarka said...

Dear veganpeace, Yes, that era of a "state of nature" seems to be approaching once more, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean after a 99% die-off of the hairy ape (Desmond Morris' phrase).