December 29, 2012

FBI murder stats

50% of murder victims are black
77% of murder victims are male
48% of murders involve a single victim and single perp
90% of perps are male
53% of perps are black
68% of murders involved guns of which 68% were handguns
53% of victims in murders (where the relationship was known) were killed by someone they knew
25% of victims were killed by family members
37% of female victims (where the relationship was known) were killed by their husbands or boyfriends
42% of victims (where the circumstances were known) were killed during an argument
23% of the murders involved related felonies such as rape, burglary etc.
3% of the victims were under 13 years old

FBI 2010 stats


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the FBI link, Sam.

It provides the magic number of 12,996 murders reported to the FBI, by all states reporting except Florida (for reasons explained at "Table 20 Data Declaration)

Table 20 gives a breakdown by state. No population figures are given for states, but the totals for all states show proportions for different means of murder, as you have reported above.

Of 12,996 murders,

67.5 % were by firearms.
13.1 % were by knives or cutting instruments
13.6 % were by other weapons
5.7 % were by body contact (hands, fists, feet, etc)

Of the total murders committed, the 67.5% by firearms included
46.2 % by handguns
2.8 % by rifles
2.9 % by shotguns
15.7 % by other guns

From this we may conclude that people don't kill people,
hands kill people.

So, the logical punishment for stranglers is to cut off their hand(s).

Plainly, they would have better off just shooting their victim(s), and losing their gun(s).

leftover said...

I wish the FBI would supply data distinguishing semiautomatic firearms used versus non-semiautomatic, (revolvers, bolt action, lever action).

I've seen some breakdowns like that in research involving mass killings, but none concerning general crime statistics. If you know of any, Sam...