November 15, 2012

What Israel is really up to

Philip Giraldi, Anti-War -I would argue that much of what the American public is seeing and hearing about Iran and Syria is a red herring. If the media is focused on developments in Syria and Iran it will be excusable not to pay any attention to what Israel is doing in its own backyard in what remains of Palestine. And Israel is most definitely up to its usual tricks on the West Bank. Benjamin Netanyahu has recently announced the building of 1,200 more housing units for Jews only in occupied East Jerusalem and on the West Bank. If the Palestinians seek permanent observer member-state status in the United Nations at the end of this month, there have been suggestions that Israel will retaliate by building even more new settlements. The Israeli media is reporting a senior government official’s assertion that “If the Palestinians go to the UN, we won’t continue to show the restraint that we’ve demonstrated in terms of settlement construction.”

Restraint? Benjamin Netanyahu has no desire to see any viable Palestinian state and he has exploited the United States as an enabler in his commission of war crimes to stall any progress in that direction. When Israel was created it managed to seize control of 78% of the historic Palestine leaving only 22% to the Palestinian inhabitants. That 22% has now been reduced to less than 10% remaining on the West Bank plus Gaza. Israel is intent on colonizing the more desirable parts of the West Bank, crowding the remaining Palestinians into a cluster of Bantustans that will be “self-governing” though without any of the attributes of sovereignty. The Arabs will not control their own water resources and airspace, will be hemmed in by Jews-only highways that they cannot use and military zones that they cannot enter, and will be prey to arbitrary action by the Israeli army to “protect” settlers and maintain security.

The Israelis appropriate Palestinian land as the wish to create new settlements and the rampaging settlers themselves destroy Palestinian farms and businesses so that the people will have no livelihood and will be forced to leave. All of the Israeli action is, of course, illegal in addition to being unconscionable as the Geneva Conventions consider it a war crime to seize and colonize land that has been occupied by military action. Israeli settlers on the West Bank have increased from 200,000 in 2000 and now number more than 350,000. They continue to increase, with settlements constituting 42% of the West Bank. If one adds in the 300,000 Jews living in Arab East Jerusalem and in the adjacent areas that have been illegally annexed to Israel proper, the total becomes 650,000 for Israeli Jews living in territories that were occupied in 1968. And there should be no confusion about the ultimate intentions of the Israeli government, which has secretly doubled its budget for settlement expansion. Hardliner Knesset member Yaakov Katz has predicted that “within four years,” there will be more than 1 million Jews living beyond the Green Line that once separated Jordan from Israel, and “then the revolution will be completed.”



Anonymous said...

One of the top things on the agenda must be pulling the plug on the illegitimate Zionist occupation of Palestine.

De-establish "Israel" and tell the Zionists that if they want to live in Palestine, under a democratic government, play nice or be deported to their country of origin or any country that would have them (which probably aren't that many).

Anonymous said...

To hell with Israel.

Uncle Goat said...

The best part of the Israeli plan to exterminate the Palestinians is that in no way can this result in anything bad happening to them or to their closest allies. Rounding people up and forcing them into ghettos and then slowly and surely killing everyone in those ghettos is historically proven to be foolproof with zero repercussions.

Anonymous said...

Palestine for the Palestinians? Tried it in Gaza, and look at how well that worked out. The Palestinians are commanded and controlled by Saudi Arabia. Palestinians don't want the west bank, they want it all. If they should get it, they will be exterminated by the invading Arab army, because the Sheikhs have no use for people who whine about their rights, especially because they don't think that anyone else has rights.

Anonymous said...

Palestinians controlled by Saudi Arabia? WTF? Where do you get your information.

Let me break it down for you...The saudi arabian people along with all muslim people are very upset at the aggressive atrocities that Israel is committing. The governments of these countries support Israel either directly or illicately as they have close ties with the US. But they are in a predicament. They need to PRETEND that they are very upset with Israel and seem like they are making an effort to stop Israel.

But its all a show. This is no even fight...and its not a religious fight..this is a fight over land and economics. And its pretty to see who is winning.

In all of this Obama just like every other person that has a chance to be US president will allow Israel to do whatever they want out of fear of upsetting Aipac (Israeli lobby) and its vast reach. Never mind that the US is GIVING Israel billions of dollars in arms so they can continue genocide at the Palestinian and americans expense (tax payers do pay for this off course). If you are a jew and you want peace then you should not support Netanyahu...all that will result is more death on both sides and a land grab...and more arabs that hate Israelis.

Dont expect any state for Palestine as long as Netanyahu or Obama is in power.