November 25, 2012

Sunday morning line

Overheard by DCist near the White House as two police officers lean against a car keeping pro-Israel and anti-Israel protesters apart:
Officer 1:"If you take out the countries name and close your eyes their arguments sound the same."

Officer 2 nodding: "White House duty: an education in how silly our anger against each other is."


Anonymous said...

That's funny, only one side has tanks and commits assassinations.

Anonymous said...

Only one side has leadership which doesn't give a crap if all of their people die.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that "Israel" is a fiat state that was created by force and in violation of the UN Charter on the land of Palestine.

The land that was stolen for the purpose had been occupied for more than a thousand years by boring, peaceful Semitic farmers and shopkeepers, most of them Muslim but others Xian and some even Jews.

The Zionist instigators were East-European non-Semites with no connection to Palestine other than myth and their own arrogance.