November 21, 2012

Report: 70% of Retired US Generals Take Jobs With Defense Corporations « Blog

Anti-War - About 70 percent of retired three-and-four star generals took jobs with defense contractors or consultants, according to a report by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the Brave New Foundation. Huffington Post:
The report found that 76 out of 108 top generals took such jobs from 2009 to 2011, and a few continued to advise the Department of Defense while on the payroll of contractors. The report cited Gen. James Cartwright, who was elected to a paid position on Raytheon's board of directors while serving on the Defense Policy Board. Adm. Gary Roughead also served on the board while joining the board of Northrop Grumman, earning $115,000 per year

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Anonymous said...

Combining government and industry was Musso's definition of fascism: "estato corporativo".

It should be a hard-time felony. Pick your sector and live with it. No switching after some small number of years.

Same with DAs and prosecutors: no route to the judiciary or political office. Wanna be a judge or a politician? Don't accept a prosecutor's job or run for DA. Wanna prosecute crimes? That's your career unless you go into private practice or out of law/government altogether.