November 9, 2012

Practices lawyers should avoid

Zac Taylor, Charleston Gazette, WV - A lawyer who beat his client with a wooden baseball bat during a dispute over a mishandled payment has been stripped of his law license.

Last week, citing a history of criminal and professional misdeeds, the West Virginia Supreme Court annulled Joshua Robinson's law license and ordered him to take anger-management classes before he applies for reinstatement in five years.

In 2009, Robinson, 40, attacked his client with a baseball bat after the man confronted him at his home and accused him of pocketing a $1,100 settlement check.

Robinson chased the man, David L. Gump, down the street and used the bat to pummel him in the head, chest and back when he fell to the ground...

The order also mentions that, while in Kentucky, Robinson was convicted in February 2010 on charges that he threw a propane tank into the rear window of his wife's car..



Anonymous said...

He didn't go to prison for assault with a deadly weapon?!?!

Anonymous said...

An homage to Joe Pesci, Cousin Vinny meets Casino.