November 26, 2012


NOTE: We are currently being hacked. Please ignore any weird headlines or Twitter feeds

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Anonymous said...

Sam, if you ran a coherent setup that didn't cobble together buggy software, you wouldn't be vulnerable.

(And "hacked" is the I'm-too-important-and-stupid-to-even-try-to-get-it-right corpomedia term, just as reversing the trad meaning of red and blue for the political parties was. The correct term is "attacked".

"Hacker" has always been, among computer people, a term of respect, possibly flavored with amusement, irritation, awe, or a combination thereof, for someone who obsessively wants to know everything there is to know about computers, and who isn't above breaking into guarded computers with no motive other than to see whether it can be done.

Its the difference in motive that confuses the stupid. Someone who breaks into a computer system to test his (usually his) skill is a hacker. Someone who does it to cause damage is a vandal unless it's for political purposes in which case of course the person is a cyber-terrorist or a member of Anonymous depending on whose computer it is.

A "good/nice/tasty/cool hack" is a piece of software that does some job, usually difficult, in a clever way.