November 7, 2012

Moving right along to our next big problem

Sam Smith

Whatever the faults of Obama, the defeat of Romney was essential because the American right was posing the largest threat to the country since the Civil War. It proposed radically reducing or eliminating key elements of 80 years of American progress. Combined with the effects of the Citizens United decision, a Romney win would have put us closer to fascism that we have ever been.

Now that we’ve taken care of that, however, we should immediately turn to other business. As I put it a while back, if you're seeking progress, all presidents are the opposition. You're just fighting different kinds of battles.

For starters, let’s define what some of these battles are about.


The Obama administration failed to carry out most of the inspector general's recommendations about bailout operation.

Obama has been extraordinarily weak in confronting criminal or reckless activities by banks.

He remains far too close to the Wall Street barons.

His efforts to help those threatened with foreclosures has been pathetic, in fact disgusting when compared to his willingness to bail out banks. 

His stimulus efforts have been similarly weak-kneed, a tiny fraction, for example, of what the New Deal was able to achieve.


Perhaps the votes on marijuana will change his mind, but so far ex pothead Obama has made no effort towards significant drug policy reform and has sought to punish those who have. For example:
  • Obama threatened California pot dispensaries with criminal charges
  • Obama bullies Rhode Island out of medical pot centers
  • Obama plans to prosecute medical marijuana growers & sellers.
  • Opposes legalization of marijuana.


Obama has been extremely weak on vocational education.

Obama actively joined the Bush family in pushing the No Child scam and moving towards national standards for which there is no constitutional basis for federal government intrusion

Supports more corporate schools - aka charters - funded by tax dollars.


Obama is still pushing loan guarantees for new nuclear plants

He is allowing 13 oil companies to drill offshore under old safety standards

He supports expansion, and heavy subsidy, of nuclear power

Foreign policy

Obama has endorsed Israeli apartheid.

He has yet to close Gitmo

His administration is threatening an Iraq type war against Iran

He caved in to Israel on handling of settlements

He revived Bush era military tribunals for terrorism suspects

Obama has permitted CIA drones to kill innocent civilians. Obama ordered more drone attacks in his first year than Bush did during his entire presidency

Civil liberties

Like his predecessor, right wing Democrat Bill Clinton, Obama has yet to meet a civil liberty he’s willing to fight for. He is, for example, negotiating a trade agreement that would gut internet privacy, free speech and due process

He is in bed with the recording industry, witness the fact that he has named
five pro-RIAA lawyers to top Justice Department positions

He is conducting an unprecedented assault on whistle blowers

He has argued that cellphone tracking should be exempt from Constitution

He seems to believe that he gets to pick which Americans to murder

Obama is pushing secret copyright treaty that would do the work of SOPA

Obama believes it's okay to torture but you get up to 30 years in prison for revealing it.

He supports more warrantless searches

According to George Bush and Barack Obama, you or any American citizen can, without criminal charges, be placed in an isolation cell, denied sleep (with no mattress, blanket, sheet, or pillow) and painfully shackled. It's already happened.

Obama maintains foreign phone calls are not protected by Constitution

He signed an extension of the unconstitutional Patriot Act

He refuses to prosecute CIA officials for torturing criminals

He instituted virtual strip searches of air passengers, without regard to either Constitution or to proper scientific testing for dangers.

He supports the overturn of long-standing law that stops police from initiating questions unless a defendant's lawyer is present

General government

Nearly 200 of Obama's biggest donors have gotten plum government posts

In an end run around the Constitution, he named 18 'czars' to oversee cabinet level programs


It looks like Obama will go along with cuts in Social Security and Medicare and raise the minimum age.


His administration has engaged in torture and he has tried to hide evidence of torture during the Bush regime.


He is conducting an illegal war in Pakistan

And that is just a partial list. It's time to move right along to our next big problem: Barack Obama 


greg gerritt said...

The economy is going to shrink, not grow. We can have prosperous communities without growth, but no one is ready to talk about it, they just want to obsess over growth.

But the ecological crisis is upon us, Sandy was just the tip of the iceberg we are crashing into. We are going to have to heal ecosystems and reduce inequality if they economy is to work. There is enough for our needs, but not for the greed of the 1%.

Anonymous said...

For all the reasons that Sam notes, I could not cast a vote for Obama. As much as Romney (and Paul "I never had a real job in my life" Ryan) scared me, I just could not vote for him.

I voted for Jill Stein.

Tony Vodvarka said...

Obama's administration has assassinated American citizens without any due process, has claimed the right to indefinitely detain American citizens without due process, has jailed whistle-blowers for espionage, has massively expanded the Bush regime's aggressive foreign wars, has coninued the militarization of domestic police forces, has remained silent while domestic demonstrations have been brutalized by militarized police, has ignored posse comitatus, has been a faithful pawn of the banking mafia, has conducted endless domestic "sting" operations to fuel fear of "terrorism" and you, Mr. Smith, feared that a Romney win "would have put us closer to fascism"? Does Obama have to wear a swastika arm band before we wake up to where we are at the present moment?

Anonymous said...

The viability of OWS and fellow travelers is now the most urgent agenda item. Having resisted the offshore threat the civil war will resume in earnest. A viewing of Wallace's fourth inaugural address of 1983 would benefit anyone looking at this from a national perspective.

Anonymous said...

Well, Sam, then we're never going to have a real choice, are we.

The owner class will simply make sure that every election presents the choice of disgusting psychopath vs terrifying psychopath, knowing that most people will be like you and fall obediently into line.

You and I have been around a long time, Sam. And I'm more radical than I was when younger. Is this another example of the gender divide, or have you never been radical?

Anonymous said...

Whatever the faults of Obama, the defeat of Romney was essential because the American right was posing the largest threat to the country since the Civil War.

Sam, wake up: Obama is part of "the American right"! He's a genuine, no-shit fascist, a combiner of state and corporate power.

Mark Robinowitz said...

The "election" was a choice which faction of the CIA you support. Do you want the analysis directorates or do you prefer the "operations" directorate (covert warfare)? Good cop, bad cop. Two sides of a Mobius strip.

It seemed clear from the start that Rmoney was running to be scarier than GMObama to ensure that "Smart Empire" won versus the neo-cons. It's just as sincere as televised wrestling.

BARBBF said...

Why no mention of Obama's support of NATO's illegal invasion of Libya, which has destroyed the secular government and replaced it with Sharia Law? Why no mention of the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans and African immigrants in Libya? Why no mention of the thousands of innocent men, women and children now dead because of Obama's support with US taxpayer's dollars of NATO? Someone posted months ago that Obama is complicit in the deaths of more Africans than any U. S. President in recent history. Unfortunately, it is probably true.

Anonymous said...

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