November 19, 2012

Monday morning line

Sam Smith - The good news is that Paul Ryan is back to sleeping in his House office.

The bad news is that the media is still hawking the fiscal scams of Ryan and those of his ilk  as "reforms." Repealing the progress of the past - such as parts of Social Security and Medicare - is not a reform and for the major media to use the term is one more sign that it is no longer into journalism but is serving primarily as sales reps for the corporate and political establishment. The misuse of the term began in earnest with Bill Clinton repealing some of our welfare programs and the Glass-Steagall Act. From the media's point of view, lies are okay as long as they are shared by the leadership of both parties, so if Clinton and Obama want to help reverse 80 years of progress it must be fine.

In fact, the leadership of both parties, as well as Wall Street and the major media, are dangerously dysfunctional. The reason it's so hard to understand things like Benghazi and the "fiscal cliff" is because the only reason they make sense is if one accepts the dysfunctional reality and verbiage of those who created the problems in the first place.

In fact, Benghazi is a tiny spinoff of a major foreign policy disaster in the Mid East, and resolving the "fiscal cliff" will do nothing to get the economy rolling again.

But as long as the Mad Men run our politics, our economy and our media, who cares?

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Anonymous said...

Possibly, just Possibly, if a minority Representative (especially a black one) were to try sleeping in his/her House office, Paul Ryan and every other Repug would be making a 'Federal' case and screaming stuff like its against zoning or health codes.

That seems to be how the Game is played.

Just sayin'