November 6, 2012

Israeli foreign minister threatens to destroy Palestinian Authority

Israeli National News - Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is threatening the Palestinian Authority if it goes ahead with its unilateral statehood bid at the United Nations General Assembly, Channel 10 News reported .

According to the report, during a recent meeting between Lieberman and the European Union"s Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton, he made it clear that if the PA turns to the UN, "I will work to ensure the PA will collapse."

Lieberman reportedly stressed that a unilateral statehood bid by the PA will "put an end to the chances to resume peace negotiations."

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Anonymous said...

Palestinian govts are under the control of Saudi Arabia. Palestinian politicians who don't like it have been killed, and that will continue. Why shouldn't it? It works. The ones who do like it are made filthy rich, as Arafat was, and as the Bush family was in the US. Going mediaeval on the Palestinian Leaders would be a good thing for the Palestinian People. Probably. Welcome to the Middle East!