November 26, 2012

Grassroots Greens doing well in some states

Sam Smith - One reason I push a greater Green Party emphasis on grassroots organizing rather than repeated failed presidential contests is that it works. In the two places I have lived - DC and Maine - the Green Party has become an important part of the local scene, in DC becoming the second largest party. And here are some new stats from Maine: 

Asher Platts, Maine Green Independent Party = While unfortunately, none of our candidates won seats in the state legislature, Greens did exceptionally well, with all candidates but one coming in a solid second place.
State Senate:
Sen 8- Asher Platts: 29.09%

State House:
Dist 115 - Seth Berner: 35%
Dist 66 - Fred Horch: 32.5%
Dist 118 - Tom MacMillan: 27.4%
Dist 120 - Justine Lynn 14.5%
Dist 102 - Mike Wakefield 13%
Portland City Councilors Kevin Donoghue and David Marshall for have become the first Greens in the USA to be elected to three consecutive terms.

While the Portland School Board is all Democrats aside from Green Holly Seeliger they are split into two factions, with Holly as the swing vote, making her the most potentially powerful member of the board. 

Portland School Board Candidate Tom Kelley got 42% of the vote in a two way race against incumbent Jenna Vendil.

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