November 4, 2012

California repeal of death penalty gains strength

TPM - A proposition to repeal the death penality in California leads for the first time, according to a survey from Field Poll released Friday. Forty-five percent of the 751 likely voters surveyed said they would vote for Proposition 34, which would ban the death penalty, while 38 percent said they opposed the measure.


Chris Bernstien said...

Prop. 34 proponents are perpetuating a huge FRAUD against California voters, knowing that with the millions of out-of-state dollars they can repeat their lies enough times that voters will begin to accept them. A Study by Judicial Watch concludes that Prop. 34 is “both disingenuous and deceptive.” Three former CA governors and every major law enforcement group in CA OPPOSE Pro. 34.

Pro. 34 is dangerous, will cost taxpayers more, and was poorly thought through.

Prop. 34 will NOT save money, but instead COST TAXPAYERS BILLIONS of dollars more in additional trials, prison changes, and escalating health care costs.

Claims that Prop. 34 will save money are based upon a paper written by a former judge who has been advocating for abolishing the death penalty for decades (biased and inaccurate). A review of these numbers by the Legislative Analyst’s Office concludes that the assumptions supporting these claimed savings “may well be wrong.” Michael Genest, former State Of California Finance Director, found that these “savings claims are grossly exaggerated.” Also, the loss of the threat of the death penalty will substantially increase the total number of murder trials by taking away a major incentive for murderers to plead guilty.

Prop. 34 ignores the escalating costs of medical care for life-time inmates. Prop. 34 will cost CA taxpayers billions more over the next several years. (It is these huge medical costs that are fueling the attack on life sentences under 3-strikes under Prop. 36.)

Prop. 34 is DANGEROUS. Experts conclude that Pro. 34 will increase the number of murders in California. Criminals will be more brazen in their crimes without the death penalty. Also, there will be no deterrent for the 34,000 inmates already serving life from killing a guard or an inmate. They are already serving the maximum penalty.

One of the key methods for “saving” money under Prop. 34 is to move death row inmates into the general population and house them from single-person cells with other inmates. One strong proponent of Prop. 34 admits this is unworkable– the risk of danger posed by mixing the prison population is too great, and would increase costs associated with such an arrangement.

Life without parole is means they WILL GET OUT. Efforts are already being pursued by the same people supporting anti-punishment ballots and legislation to get rid of life sentences. (Human Rights Watch, Old Behind Bars, 2012.) On 9/30/12, Brown passed the first step, signing a bill to allow 309 inmates with life sentences for murder to be paroled after serving 25 years. Someone who has committed a brutal murder at age 20 could get out by age 45! Governors are also notorious for releasing inmates who should never be released. Convicted killers get out and kill again, such as Darryl Thomas Kemp, Kenneth Allen McDuff, and Bennie Demps.

ARGUMENTS OF INNOCENCE BOGUS. Proponents can’t identify one innocent person executed in CA. They can’t identify one person on CA’s death row who has exhausted his appeals and has a plausible claim of innocence. Quite simply, CA’s appellate process, designed by the very same people promoting Prop. 34, is 100% effective in weeding out the innocent. Every person Prop. 34 proponents refer to are either non-death-penalty cases or out-of-state cases where defendants do not get the benefit of CA’s appellate process.

Don’t get fooled by the bombardment of lies. See cadeathpenalty.webs. com/ and voteno34. org for more facts explaining why you should NOT SUPPORT Prop. 34.

Anonymous said...

Do we only seek to save money, or are we not also obligated to elevate the collective moral standing of our society?

Murder is murder and being state sanctioned in the guise of capital punishment makes absolutely no difference.
"Therefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear and slow to speak and slow to anger;
For the wrath of man does not bring the righteousness of God."
---James 1:19-20
"If any man thinks he slays, and if another thinks he is slain, neither knows the ways of truth. The Eternal in man can not kill: the Eternal in man can not die."
---Bhagavad Gita 2:19

"When the people are no longer afraid of death,
Why scare them with the spectre of death?
If you could make the people always afraid of death,
And they still persisted in breaking the law,
Then you might with reason arrest and execute them,
And who would dare to break the law?
Is not the Great Executor always there to kill?
To do the killing of the Great Executor
Is to chop wood for a master carpenter,
And you would be lucky indeed if you did not hurt your own hand!"
--Tao Teh Ching #74

Given the extent of desperation 21st century life imparts upon individuals, ought we not come to terms with the fact that for all too many challenged souls there is nothing to lose in this life?
Given an option of 'early out' vs the prospect of countless more years of defeat, to what extent does capital punishment factor as effective deterrent?
Want to make the planet safer?--then do everything possible to elevate the quality of life for even the 'least of these'.

Uncle Goat said...

Wow. So we're heard from the extreme fearful right and the sanctimonious left. The best reasons to abolish the death penalty is that (1) it does not deter anyone and (2) it is applied so recklessly, you are guaranteed to execute an innocent man.

I'll be in favor of the death penalty if corporate sharks who cheat people out of their homes in a phony foreclosures get executed.
If cops who killed for no reason and judges who sentenced people to die on flimsy evidence and senators and presidents who lied us into wars were executed, then maybe we'd be wise enough to condemn a man to death for killing his cousin in a drunken bar fight. Until, let's call the whole thing off.

Anonymous said...

Excellently said, Goat! You beat me to it.

There's no reasonable doubt that the death penalty is a very bad idea as long as we can't bring innocent victims of our classist, corrupt "justice" system back to life.

Anonymous said...

'Sanctimonious Left'?---Oh, really...
Why doesn't the death penalty detour anyone?
Is it not for the very reasons elucidated upon by our 'sanctimonious left' poster?
Perhaps streetwise realist might be a more accurate appellation?
There is nothing more dangerous than being confronted by someone with nothing to lose, hence the fallacy of capital punishment.
The alternative to despair is the prospect of hope.