November 5, 2012

Anti-Constitution, anti-Christian Paul Ryan attacks Obama's reliigionn

Note: Real Christians do not advocate abuse of the poor.

Buzzfeed -  Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan told a group of Evangelical Christians Sunday that President Obama's plans threaten "Judeo-Christian values" — a dramatic charge aimed at the Republican base, and delivered during a conference call that did not appear on his public schedule.

In his remarks to what organizers said were tens of thousands of members of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Ryan said that President Barack Obama's path for the next four years is a "dangerous" one.

"[It is] a path that compromises those values — those Judeo-Christian values that made us a great nation in the first place," he said, referring to religious liberty and Obamacare.


Anonymous said...

I have trouble comprehending just what this Judeo-Christian heritage is that I keep hearing about.

Is it about the same wonderful people that put Jesus Christ to death?

Is it about the same wonderful people that formed the Crusades, and invaded Jerusalem and the Iberian Peninsula?

Is it about the same wonderful people, here in the U.S. that prevented Jews from getting a job.

Is it about those same wonderful people that, once they were handed the Nation of Palestine, became much like their own oppressors?


Is this just an 'intellectual' construct. One based one the coincidental use of the Bible's Old Testament?


Are we limited to the mindless literal interpretation, word-for-word; or, those values left open to interpretation by again, a choice, either Liberal or Conservative scholars.

Unfortunately, Paul Ryan seems to be in the mindless literal interpretation of the Bible. And not the King James version either. This probably fits well with Pope Benedict / Pius X people / Opus Dei people that don't believe in Evolution and some of whom probably believe in a flat Earth.

Still, can't see how a group of Evangelical Christians put-up with having a Papist speaking to them.

Praise God, and pass the ammunition!

Anonymous said...

We need to remember that creatures like Ryan will say and do anything in the quest for power. He's a non-obligative psychopath: he lies and abuses other people without hesitation or remorse because he can, not because he must.