November 18, 2012

Alternative news update

Wis. Capitol Police Sue to Get Their Union Back


3,000 March at White House for Climate Solutions, Against Foreign Tar Sands and Keystone XL

Thousands Surround Obama's White House: 'Stop Keystone XL!"

Five Reasons to Reject (Again) the Keystone XL Pipeline


Scott Walker Tilts K-12 Education Toward the Needs of Business


Capt. America said...

5 reasons?

6. That oil is not for us, it is for export, after the filthy stuff is refined at the expense of the health of our people downwind of the refineries. We get all of the filth and none of the wealth.

Anonymous said...

...which is how the rewards are shared in a coal mine.

The company gets the profit, the miner gets the shaft.