October 29, 2012

Mitt's storm tips

Hurricanes drive home the importance of having at least one of your homes located away from the beach. 

The landscapers are going to have completely reconstruct both of my hedge mazes. 

Winds could be strong, so use extra rope when securing your dog's kennel to the roof of your car.

The National Weather Service can't possibly know what's right for each state. 

Under the President's failed leadership, 100% of people are out of work today on the Eastern Seaboard.

Clarification: When I said abolish FEMA, I meant only for the 47% who need it.

Providing assistance to Sandy's victims will only breed dependence.

If this were a legitimate storm, the country has a way of shutting this whole thing down. 

I order the State of New York to evacuate the electoral college

Sandy is the perfect example of what happens when women are allowed to make their own choices. 

If you haven't already, move money from Cayman Islands to Swiss account. 

President Obama has not once referred to this storm as a hurricane. 

I have some concerns about New York's preparations. London redux.

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