October 12, 2012

Alternative news update

Obama Dumped by the Money Men

Romney's $9 Trillion Dilemma

Paul Ryan: No Specifics, Just a Secret Plan

Inconvenient Allies

Why Jack Welch Has No Clue About Jobs Numbers

This Week in Dark Money

The Romney-Ryan Plan to Obliterate Medicaid

The Arctic Ocean Diaries: Dispatch No. 5

Can This Guy Defeat Eric Cantor?

Pennsylvania Fracking Law Opens Up Drilling on College Campuses

Lessons From Korea

The Ecological Costs of Inequality

Of White Papers and History

Technology's Underbelly

Turks, Cease Fire!

  Civil liberties news

Kids in Solitary Confinement: America's Official Child Abuse

Proceedings against ‘Muslims’ filmmaker must walk fine free-speech line

ACLU Commends Obama on New Policy Directive Protecting National Security Whistleblowers

Filing workers’ comp claim isn’t protected speech

Dancing Baby Video Battle Back in Court Tuesday

Man behind anti-Muslim film denies probation violations

Groups produce guide on U.S. Muslims

Real ID is Dead. New Mexico IDs Will Continue to be Valid.

The Fight Against Data Retention Mandates In Slovakia

Digitizing Books Is Fair Use: Author's Guild v. HathiTrust

  Ecology & nature news

Task Force to Kick Start Cairo Population Goals

Can Shark Finning Ever Be Certified Sustainable?

Top 10 Tech Stories This Week: Bee-like flying robots, energy-collecting soccer balls, NASA's brick-building microbes, and more!

Queen's Crown Estate Identifies 180GW of Potential Marine Power

The Arctic Ocean Diaries: Dispatch No. 5

Pennsylvania Fracking Law Opens Up Drilling on College Campuses

Prestigious Prix Pictet Photography Competition Winner is Luc Delahaye

Photo of the Day: Canoeing on Lake Louise

First-of-Its-Kind Transgender Bird Spotted in New Zealand

Paul Ryan vs. Joe Biden: The VP Debate Tackles "Green Pork," Oil, & Solyndra

  Labor & money news

The Washington Post Doesn't Know that the Trade Deficit Is Affected by Imports

Ryan on Medicare: More Mind Reading at the NYT

Martha Raddatz on Social Security: What Would You Do About the United States' Imperialistic Foreign Policy?

Read Live Tweets From the Vice Presidential Debate

Eleanor Roosevelt Would Say 'No' to California’s Prop. 32

Employers ‘Overreach’ with Growing Lockout Tactics

Workers, Small Biz Back Long Beach Living Wage; Hyatt Leads Charge Against

Domestic Workers Inspire the Global Movement for Rights

IAM Member, Wounded Vet Looks for Texas Whitetails

Coming Soon: AFL-CIO Live Discussion on the Presidential Debate Round Two

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