September 15, 2012

Rahm Emanuel's privatize Chicago plan

Stephen Lendman - Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spent years waging war on progressive politics. He's a corporate predator turned politician.

As White House strategist and senior adviser, he represented the worst of the Clinton years. His abrasive style earned him the nickname "Rahmbo."

From 1999 - 2002, he earned a reported $18 million as managing director for Chicago investment bank firm Kleinwort, Wasserstein...

From January 2009 - October 2010, he was Obama's White House Chief of Staff. He left to run for mayor of Chicago. On May 16, 2011, he won easily. Doing so fulfilled his longtime ambition.

Emanuel is notoriously pro-war, pro-Israel, neo liberal, and anti-populist/now button-down rogue Chicago mayor. He believes anything government does business does better so let it.

He's handing over as many city functions to corporate profiteers as possible. He launched what he calls "a public private partnership." The sky's the limit. He bought off unions with promises to invest pension funds in profitable enterprises.

Instead of investing in Chicago's future, he's giving it away to corporate friends and cronies. His schemes are still unfolding. They involve city airports, water system, community colleges, public transportation, parks, public health, schools, and various infrastructure projects. . .

He began straightaway after taking office. He forced city workers to do work longer for less. He laid off thousands of others and wants new hires paid less.

. . ..Privatizing schools is prioritized. It's happening in Chicago and across America. Public education is on the chopping block for elimination. Richard M. Daley began it during his mayoral tenure.

He called it Chicago's Renaissance 2010 Turnaround strategy. He planned 100 or more new "high-performing" elementary and high schools in the city by that date. Under five year contracts, they're "held accountable….to create innovative learning environments under one of three "governance structures:"


Anonymous said...

Rahm is SLIME! He is pure evil.

Anonymous said...

Rahm is SLIME! He is pure evil.

Strelnikov said...

No, Rahm is the past; all of his ideas date to the 1990s....all of these ultra-privatization schemes were tried in South America 15 years ago in inside the Pentagon during the Bush II years; they don't work. Chicago will become dysfunctional pretty quickly, and by the time the mobs will be at the Mayor's office, Rahm Emmanuel will be gone.