September 19, 2012

Monica Lewinsky plans to get back at Clinton

Daily Mail, UK - Monica Lewinsky is reportedly set to write a tell-all book about her affair with Bill Clinton - including her intimate love letters to the ex-president and how he had an insatiable desire for threesomes.

The former White House intern, 39, reportedly wants revenge on Clinton, who she believes escaped unscathed while she has never been able to shake the disgrace of their Oval Office trysts.

Friends claim publishers are scrambling to get their hands on the book, and after holding meetings, she has learned she could get as much a $12 million if she recounts every tawdry detail....

[The memoirs] reportedly detail her love for Clinton and how Lewinsky, then just 22, could make him much happier than his wife, Hillary, who the president called a 'cold fish'....

'Monica can describe how Bill went on and on about his insatiable desire for three-way sex, orgies and the use of sex toys of all kinds,' the friend added.


Strelnikov said...

Monica, strike while the iron is this point you are hitting shaped steel.

BARBBF said...

Good for you Monica! He deserves to be exposed again as the SOB he is. And then there's this:

Bill Clinton's Questionable Use of Cruise Missiles

Jun 14, 2012 Paul Iddon
During his tenure the former U.S. President controversially used cruise missiles against Iraq and Sudan under questionable motives.

A brief look at two incidents in his presidency that the former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton undertook under the pretext of combating terrorism.

A day before former President George H.W. Bush was scheduled to visit Kuwait to commemorate its liberation in the Persian Gulf War in 1991 by a U.S. led coalition, a suspected plot to assassinate him was uncovered by the Kuwaiti authorities. The 17 plotters appeared to have been planning to blow up the president using explosives which were recovered in their Toyota Lancruiser.

After two months investigation into the seemingly foiled assassination attempt Clinton ordered cruise missile strikes on the Iraqi Intelligence Service building in downtown Baghdad. Carried out in midnight the attack killed some eight Iraqis, including a famous Iraqi artist named Layla Al-Attar.

Clinton and Iraqi President Saddam Hussain traded accusations, Clinton asserting that Hussein's attempt of revenge "against the leader of the world coalition that defeated him in war is particularly loathsome and cowardly," whilst Hussein called the strike "cowardly aggression" and called the assassination attempt a fabrication made up by the Kuwaiti authorities. Clinton tried to illustrate the attack as one made in self-defense, dubbing the conspiracy to assassinate the former president as an "attack against our country and against all Americans."

On August 20th 1998, claiming that the Al-Shifa plant in Khartoum, Sudan was developing chemical weapons, Clinton had the facility destroyed by cruise missiles. This strike was also launched under a second pretext of retaliation for a truck bomb 13 days earlier on embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi. The Clinton administration claimed that the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory -- the only such factory in all of Sudan -- was engaged in the clandestine manufacture of chemical weapons.

The raid, which involved cruise missiles launched from U.S. navy vessels, killed one and injured 10. However claims that the plant was engaged in the construction of chemical weaponry later proved to be very hollow. What Clinton did do by taking this action was destroy Sudan's only source of medicine. In the long term this resulted indirectly in the deaths of tens of thousands in rural Sudan who relied on the factory as a source of production for the medical necessities. Their deaths were caused by very treatable diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.

The bombing also resulted in Americans present in Sudan supplying food to the impoverished who were suffering from famine as a result of the war having to leave as they feared retaliation as a result of their governments unilateral action against Sudan.

August 20 1998 was also the same day the U.S. military simultaneously launched 75 cruise missiles at four training camps in Afghanistan in an attempt to kill Osama Bin Laden and other high ranking al-Qaeda leaders. It also happened to be the same day Monica Lewinsky testified before the grand jury for a second time against the President. The minister of information of Sudan fittingly condemned Clinton by calling him a "proven liar" with "100 girlfriends."

The owner of the plant, a wealthy businessman named Saleh Adris, sued the U.S. for this attack and for claiming he had ties to Osama Bin Laden. Since the attack the Sudanese have invited the U.S. to come to the ruins of the factory to test it for any traces of chemicals that they claimed the factory was producing. The U.S. has refused to do so and has also refused to apologize for this attack.