September 14, 2012

Alternative news update

Planned Parenthood essential for millions of women like me

US Attack Would Destroy Region, Not Iran's Nuke Program: Report

Lakeside Diner

Report Cites US as Example of World's Failing Democracies

Obama's Double-Speak at the DNC

White Lies and Arizona's Culture of Fear

Sarah Palin And Free Stuff Vs. Freedom

This Week in Dark Money

How to Beat the Fact-Checkers

Map: How Much Do Your Local Teachers Earn?

How an 82-year-old Nun Exposed Security Lapses at Nuclear Facilities

How Mitt Romney Helped Monsanto Take Over the World

Israel's Growing Isolation

Caleban on the March

Why You Should Support the Chicago Teachers' Strike

  Civil liberties news

New York Judge Tries to Silence Twitter in Its Ongoing Battle to Protect User Privacy

Fight over FISA Amendments Act Moves to the Senate, as the House Passes the Broad, Warrantless Spyin..

French Anti-Piracy Law Claims First Victim, Convicted of Failing to Secure His Internet Connection

GRAPHIC: How the Government Simultaneously Confirms AND Denies Targeted Killing

ACLU of Montana Sues Missoula County Over Discriminatory Treatment of Women and Juvenile Prisoners

Is the ACLU Inconsistent on Regulation of Speech and Privacy?

San Diego ACLU to Bill Horn: Three Strikes and You’re Out!

A Reminder We Didn't Need from Missouri: Women's Health is Under Attack

Appeals Court Upholds $9,250 Per Song Penalty in Filesharing Case, Says Constitution Doesn't Li..

Freedom Not Fear: Fresh Challenges Against Mass Untargeted Surveillance


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