August 25, 2012

Meanwhile, furthermore & on the other hand

Sustain yourself
Gardens, not lawns

@OccupyWallStNYC: Peaceful protestors arrested: 8,000 . . .Bankers arrested: 0.

Furthermore. . .

Israeli police torture handcuffed Palestinian
Military industry even making money off of hurricanes

Infrequently asked questions
What are the two major presidential candidates' plans for dealing with the disastrous drought?

From a male reader: Is masturbation murder? Please let me know within the next couple of hours. Female masturbation's okay? No equal protection issue here?

Personal to campaign media
Sam Smith - Please stop referring to Mitt Romney as a businessman. He's not; he's an investment banker who makes money off of businessmen and through buying and selling their businesses. As any business owner can tell you; this is miles from the same thing.

Film: Schools that change communities

A jolt of student activism

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