July 4, 2012

Paris transit creates new sort of bus stop

Tree Hugger - The French capital's main transit agency, RATP, has set up what it's calling the "bus stop of the future" outside the busy Gare de Lyon train station for a five-month trial period, The Atlantic Cities reported earlier this month.

Described as a "place of social innovation" by the trend blog PSFK, the "Station Diderot" transit shelter offers riders a variety of services, from a book lending library and an electric-bike rental station to phone charging outlets, free WiFi, and a snack and coffee kiosk.

Bar-style tables built around existing trees encourage socializing while extensive (and interactive) sources of neighborhood information help idle passengers plan out the rest of their journey.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent. For anyone in the middle class, the highest cost of using public transit is waiting for it to arrive. If one can make use of that time (reading, dining, using the internet) the effective cost drops.