July 2, 2012

Louisiana kills funding for public libraries

Christian Science Monitor - The state  budget approved last month by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal eliminates funding that usually goes to the state's public libraries.

“In tight budget times, we prioritized funding for health care and education,” commissioner of administration Paul Rainwater, who is also the governor’s chief budget aide, said in a statement. “Operations such as local libraries can be supported with local, not state dollars.”

Director of the Audubon Regional Library Mary Bennett Lindsay told the Library Journal that state aid made up 10 percent of the library’s budget.

“I’m just going to pray,” she said. “We’ll just have to cut back on books and hope we get through. If our server goes down or the switches go down, it’s going to have to come from somewhere. It’s not going to come from utilities. We’re barely paying people above minimum wage, so it’s not going to come out of salary. We may have to cut hours.”

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Anonymous said...

Were it within my power, I'd change all state constitutions to require that sports teams be the first things de-funded, elected officials' comp in excess of subsistence the second, and libraries and fire departments the last.