June 5, 2012

Meanwhile, furthermore & on the other hand



Furthermore. . .

@BorowitzReport: A lot of Republicans don't believe in evolution, but only Scott Walker has the balls to try to reverse it.

Here's an odd piece of good news: supporters of same sex marriage in Maine have raised $359, 000 for their campaign from some 2800 donors, while opponents of the November referendum have only raised $10,000 from only two dozen. No, those figures are not reversed.

What Romney really did at Bain

The rise of the covert reality show

Action notes

Post empire America

America 2.0

End corporate personhood Amend Congress Elect the Attorney General
Instant runoff voting

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Anonymous said...

At some point you would think the the amenders could figure out that the Koch Brothers will do individually what they now do inside a corporate shell, without missing a beat. Amenders misunderstand the case law from Buckley v. Valeo to Arizona Free Enterprise, or else they are simply on the side of the Supreme Court. At least Birthers are right to think a birth certificate has legal retlevance, whereas a constitutional amendment makes no difference, except to cement the plutocratic duopoly. Left radicals could pay attention to the Tea Party, that political power in a democracy comes by NOT compromising with party hacks. George Washington warned about this in his Farewell Address, and it remains true today. The rejectionist position (developed at moneyouttapolitics.org) is to register voters' pledges online to vote out hacks who do not promise to end the era of big money control, accomplished by enacting comprehensive legislation. This involves voting to hold Congress accountable for one thing only: the legislation abolishing private money in elections, regulating media, and stripping the Court of pretended jurisdiction to veto such legislation. This majoritarian program would be more readily accomplished if the plutocratic Dems did not have an iron grip over challenges to their power to suppress democracy. Therefore, as in tha past, voters must organize aginst Dems and GOP alike as a single issue movement, this time to make holding a Congressional seat dependent on getting money out of politics, regardless of the candidate's other positions, or party affiliation. This is a transformative anti-partisan movement and pays no attention to any other issues- which are, of course, unresolvable-until we establish our civil rights.