June 25, 2012

Bookshelf: The Mormonizing of America

US News - After tackling the faiths of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, conservative Evangelical writer Stephen Mansfield has moved on to a new subject: Mormonism.

Whispers obtained a preview copy of Mansfield's "The Mormonizing of America," out July 3, which refers to powerful Mormons like Glenn Beck, Harry Reid and yes, Mitt Romney, as part of the "Mormon Machine."

Mansfield spends much of the book explaining why Mormons have achieved the "stunning level of influence" they have today. In many ways, he writes, Mormons' success in adulthood is tied to the two-year mission expected of them when they are young.

"The lonely, difficult, even dangerous experience has fashioned some of the most successful leaders," he writes.

One of those leaders: GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In addition to the required mission, Mansfield belives Mormons are so successful because the religion's values are a recipe for the "perfect capitalist lifestyle."

"You don't have drugs or alcohol. You believe you should have an impact on the world. And you save your money for trying times," he told Whispers in an interview. "Even if you don't care about material success, you will end up having it because of what the religion requires of you."

Progressive Review - Mitt Romney and the media would have us believe that it is improper to discuss the doctrines of his church. This makes no more sense than saying it is improper to discuss the doctrines of the economists that he admires, but in the faux broadmindedness that the media projects - which covers Mormons but not atheists and other secularists - the result is a silence about some important matters. Romney is not your average run-of-the-mill three hour a week Christian. When he was young he was a Mormon missionary. He went to a Mormon university, Brigham Young. He was a ward bishop, a home teacher, a church counselor, and later president over the Boston Stake, a collection of congregations with over four thousand members. He always tithed to the church, and by 2011 his family’s annual contribution was around $2 million. Here we fill in some of the gaps.


Anonymous said...

Heaven forfend we should have a president who actually believes in more than getting elected.

BluCowgirl said...

Ahhhh "believes in more than getting elected" Really? Like creating jobs & wealth overseas? Not very much "belief" in THIS country and OUR people, jobs & wealth?? i am certainly NOT "for" Prez Obama, he has sorely dissappointed, BUT, in the REAL USA, i'll sure take Prez O.... He has his "beliefs" too, Christianity (Being from Chi myself i KNOW what church he went to REGULARLY, until the reich attacked ONE of his church ministers)... Bottom line: WE are NOT voting for a religion!