May 6, 2012

Ten reasons America is no longer the land of the free

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MonkeyMuffins said...

would that this were true.

but it's just another delusion.

another aspect of the dream.

for it has always been the case -- always, domestically and internationally -- that the countless, endless victims of amerika have suffered with few if any "rights" and little if any "freedom".

this "Golden Age" mythology (read: lie) is counterproductive because it promotes the illusive hope of returning to "better days".

but, for the many who had to pay (and have to pay) the price so the few can profit, there were (and are) no "better days.

only pain, suffering and loss at the business end of amerikan fascism.

but lies are easier to digest than truth.

so the brutal nightmare persists as a benign dream.

bullshit is amerika's fundamental business: always has been, always will be.

as Morris Berman has bluntly and shrewdly observed:

"The crux of the problem remains the American Dream: even 'progressives' see it as the solution -- including, I have the impression, the Wall Street protesters -- when it’s actually the problem."


speaking of Big Brother (and Sister: let us not forget that amerikan notions of "civil rights" have infinitely more to do with power than equality, infinitely more to do with becoming embraced by the nightmare than waking up from the dream) i hope this comment passes the filter.